Children's Classes

ACRO (AGE 4.5+)
Acrobatic Arts
In recent years Acrobatics has grown immensely in popularity, especially when combined with dance.  Acrobatic Arts differs from Gymnastics by putting the emphasis more on dance with some combined tricks and tumbling rather than the other way around.  The syllabus trains dancers in necessary strength and conditioning stretches in order to be able to perform Acrobatic tricks within their dance choreography.


Baby Street Dance is for students aged 3-5 years old who love to move!  The class introduces young students to some of the basic concepts of Street Dance whilst improving coordination, motor control and balance.

BALLET (age 2+)

Baby Ballet

Available for children aged 2+ Baby Ballet introduces young dancers to the techniques and disciplines of ballet in a fun and engaging environment.  Students improve balance, coordination and motor control whilst learning classical ballet positions and exploring characterisation and performance.


Ballet Grades

Ballet is one of the most popular dance genres as it is one of the most challenging and rewarding.  It is often considered the foundation from which all dance should be built, and as so it is encouraged that all our students take at least one ballet class a week no matter what their speciality.  Ballet is used by professional sportsmen to aid flexibility and muscle development as well as being a daily routine for budding dancers and performers.  Grades can be taken from Preparatory until Advanced level.

BOYS CLASSES (age 5-10)

Boys Classes introduce young males aged 5-10 to the fundamentals of dancing, focusing on the disciplines of tap and street dance in a boys-only environment.  Boys will develop strength, coordination, flexibility, physical fitness and confidence in a fun and safe environment.


Contemporary Dance was first born out of a rebellion against the restraints of ballet.  American pioneers such as Martha Graham devised their own way of moving and expressing themselves through choreography which took the world by storm.  Contemporary dance has since grown to become one of the most popular dance styles, and one of the most technically demanding, as well as allowing dancers a chance to really put their own individuality into their movement.  Our Contemporary Graded classes follow the incredibly popular and successful iD Dance syllabus; whilst our Lyrical Contemporary class gives students an ungraded alternative.


Our Senior and Junior Dance Troupes are auditioned companies of dancers.  Dance Troupe classes provide extra training and choreography for our elite students, as well as the opportunity to perform at local and regional theatres throughout the South of England.  Dance Troupe are also given extra outings and external training opportunities and benefits.

DRAMA (age 5+)

Drama classes go hand in hand with Dance and Musical Theatre classes and we are delighted to now be able to offer our students the opportunity to study this discipline alongside their current dance training.  Drama lessons will help students improve their creativity and performance skills through script work, improvisation and devising pieces.


This hour and a half class on a Saturday morning offers students extra coaching and space to improve strength, technique and flexibility as well as master more advanced skills that do not appear within grade work.  This programme is ideal for anyone considering a career in dance, or anyone aged 7-19 keen to take their dance and fitness to the next level.  Scholarship options are available for this programme - Please ask for more information.


Modern, or Jazz dance, is a fun and upbeat form of dance with a strong emphasis on technique.  It is the basis of a vast amount of West End show choreography and is often considered the bridge between Contemporary dance and more Commercial styles.  Grades can be taken in Modern classes or our Freestyle classes offer an exam-free alternative.

MOVE WITH ME! (age 18 Months - 3 Years)

These classes will be a wonderful introduction to dance, movement and music for children who will be accompanied by a parent/guardian throughout the lesson.


Musical Theatre combines Singing, Dancing and Acting with a strong emphasis on performance technique.  Students work on their technique in all three disciplines whilst developing confidence and assuredness in combining multiple skills simultaneously.  This class is open for students aged 8-18 depending on experience and competence.

PBT - Progressing Ballet Technique

PBT uses props and floor barre exercises to train the muscle memory required for classical ballet.

Created by Australian ballet teacher Marie Walton-Mahon, PBT is used successfully by students and professional ballerinas across the world to push their levels of strength and technique as well as for injury prevention.

STREET DANCE (age 10+)

Our Street Dance classes follow the brand new iD-Dance Graded Syllabus.  Devised by Street dancers and choreographers currently working in the industry, the syllabus provides dancers with a knowledge of the history of the genre as well as a practical foundation in multiple styles which make up Street Dance.  Main styles explored include Hip Hop, Breaking, Popping, Locking, Waacking and House.

TAP (age 4.5+)

Tap dance is a style made famous by stars of the 1930's and 40's- most notably Fred Astaire.  The use of shoes as percussion makes tap one of the most widely recognisable and exciting dance forms.  In more recent times groups such as Tap Dogs, TapAttack and Syncopated Ladies (amongst others) have given tap a more contemporary and commercial feel.  Our Tap classes are available from aged 4.5-adult.


Theatre Craft is a graded examination syllabus giving students the opportunity to take Ofqual regulated exams leading to UCAS points.

The exciting Theatre Craft syllabus exists to develop the versatile show dancer.  Full to the brim with varied styles including Musical Theatre, Pantomime, Cabaret and Commercial Dance.  This performance-based syllabus includes essential technical dance elements such as kicks, turns and rhythmic awareness, whilst props and accessories are used to assist the styles.

Class Prices

We offer very competitive class prices including huge Multiple Class Discounts. Training multiple times a week in a variety of genres obviously aids fitness, strength and flexibility, but also gives students a boost in confidence in their own technique and ability. We pride ourselves on being able to offer dedicated students, wanting to study up to seven disciplines a week, huge savings of up to £125 a term!


For more information on our class price structure, and to discuss options for payment plans click HERE to get in touch.

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Adult Classes

Adult Ballet classes combine barre exercises and centre practice, creating a fun yet challenging environment for adult students.  Classes are catered to allow for a range of abilities as various options are provided for most exercises.  Ballet is a fantastic way to work on fitness as well as poise and balance.
Flamenco is our newest addition to the Adult Timetable. Classes are run by international teacher and choreographer Lucia Caruso.  Combining her passion for Flamenco, commitment to teaching and friendly methodology, Lucia’s classes unveil a wealth of creative style, rhythm, gracefulness and strength emerging from the authentic tradition of Flamenco art.  The class  is also great for self-confidence and posture.
Adult Modern is an enjoyable and upbeat class combining cardio warm ups, stretching and technique to build strength and flexibility.  Students also learn weekly choreography.
 We have a range of Adult Tap classes available throughout the week catering for a variety of previous experience and skill.  Please get in touch to determine which class would be most suitable.
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