Work Experience Student

We had a work experience student, Chloe from Chiltern Hills Acadamy with us for a week at the end of term.  Here is what she had to say about her experience:

"During my time that I spent at Maggie Monks dance school I met so many wonderful people, all of the students are genuinely happy to be there and the teachers have this positive and supportive energy around them. There is a huge range of styles on offer in the studios and all of them are taught amazingly well. I was present in most classes for the week that I was there so I was lucky to experience how superb the school is first hand. The approach that the teachers take allows the classes to be fun and casual at the same time as being very useful and educational for the students. They learn while enjoying themselves, which is very nice for the kids because during the school day they are used to being taught in very formal classes, whereas here, the children get time to relax and have fun. There is a very close bond between all of the teachers and students. During my interviews I realised that the students think of the teachers as friends and trust them a lot, as well as having a very tight relationships with all of their fellow dancers. They all feel as though they can be themselves which is very important in a dance school. They also all trust that if someone does something wrong or is struggling everyone is willing to help each other to get better at whatever it is and use their team work to better each other. The teachers here will also help those that cant pick things up quickly by going over things, running the dance until they get it and asking questions such as ‘is everyone is okay with that’. I was also lucky enough to lead a few moment during the classes and from doing this I can see how talented every single student here is. It is a top priority for everyone here to feel safe and welcome which has been show through their friendships, work ethic and general personalities. After experiencing the relationships, dance classes and overall happiness of this dance studio I would recommend Maggie Monks Dance School to anyone that I could."

Here are some quotes from the students she interviewed:


I’m Katya and I have been dancing at Maggie Monks since I was 5 years old. I absolutely love dancing at this school because you don’t feel pressured to do things, for example if I couldn’t do the splits then I wouldn’t be made to feel embarrassed. I’d say that the shows are such a fun time but you do get very hot and tired! Also, the teachers are amazing here.  I remember in ballet we had to dip our feet in water to learn something and it shows just how fun the teachers make our classes.



I’m Rosetta and I have been dancing at Maggie Monks since I was 4 years old. I love that at this dance school you are able to dance with your friends but you are also able to have a laugh with your teachers too. The show that we did recently was very tiring and very sweaty but it was probably the most fun thing that I have done all year. 



I’m Mollie and I have been dancing at Maggie Monks since I was 2 or 3. At this dance school everyone is very supportive and nice, if you get something wrong then they help you to get it right. I love to dance because I feel different to other people when I dance.



I’m Eleanor and I have been dancing at Maggie Monks since I was 3 or 4. Everyone as this dance school is really fun and I really enjoy dancing here.




I’m Caitlin and I have been dancing at Maggie Monks since I was 5. I have been dancing around the house since I was young and I absolutely love it. It’s really fun to do and I love taking part in the shows, if I didn’t dance I don’t know what I would do. I love all of the styles that I do and I couldn’t pick a favourite. I love having Georgie as a teacher because she pushes you and tells you to never give up and that you can do it and I just really like her as a teacher, she isn’t too strict and likes to laugh with us.



I’m Eva and I have been dancing at Maggie Monks since I was 2 or 3. Whenever there is music on I find it really hard not to dance, it’s really fun. Especially because I love to fidget. I have made loads of friends while dancing here so I’m glad I joined.



I’m Anna and I have been dancing and Maggie Monks for the past 11 years. I just really enjoy dancing and I get to meet loads of new people. The shows are a really enjoyable experience that everyone gets to take part in. Everyone is really nice and really friendly, Georgie and Emily are two of my teachers and they are great. I dance because I enjoy it and I like all of the people here too. It’s all a really friendly dance school and anyone can feel wanted here.



I’m Molly and I have been dancing at Maggie Monks for the past 12 years. The show was really hot but it was extremely good at the same time. My favourite memory is just being here and meeting new people and becoming friends with all the people here. You know everyone here which is good and the teachers are good too. They make it enjoyable, it’s not just dance, I can have a conversation, but still get stuff done.



I’m Imogen and I have been dancing at Maggie Monks since I was 6 years old. The recent show was really fun, but the best part was that it is a dance we have been doing for ages so we actually knew it. Before I go onstage I tend to get really nervous but when I get up there it changes. Georgie is a really good teacher and she makes is more fun. I’ve been dancing for so long that I just find it really enjoyable. It’s a really friendly environment and everyone gets along with each other and you don’t dread having to go to it.



I’m Lilly and I have been dancing at Maggie Monks since I was 7 years old. Dance is just really fun and brings us all together. And it’s a really nice environment here. Everyone is really nice and helpful. People go over things with you, I really like this school. I think my favourite memory is probably just all of the shows. The reason that I dance is because I love it.